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“United We Stand” is not only a popular sentiment in this country at the present time but it also represents what Quinsaat & Hooper is all about in representing its clients.

With over four decades of combined legal experience, Quinsaat & Hooper has confidently stood behind and tenaciously pursued its clients’ interests. Its attorneys have consistently demonstrated a relentless commitment to servicing the community and profession.

As an overview, Mr. Quinsaat has successfully represented thousands of clients from all over the world on immigration issues. He also has been successful in representing clients in matters ranging from personal injury to civil rights cases.

Over her career Ms. Hooper has obtained in excess of $50 million in settlements for her clients. The depth of her experience ranges from advocating the rights of individual consumers to developmentally challenged workers and from protecting the interests of a developer of a small hotel to a Fortune 500-ranked company.

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